Discover Unleashed Sunshine and Fun: Top 20 Things to Do in Navarre FL

Looking for the ultimate list of Things to Do in Navarre FL? Dive into our detailed roundup of the finest local attractions and activities. Discover the essence of coastal living and make the most of your Navarre getaway without sifting through unnecessary details.

Aerial view of Navarre Beach with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters

Navarre Beach, also known as ‘Florida’s most relaxing place’, is a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat. But don’t be fooled! This serene facade conceals an array of fun activities and sights waiting to be explored, just a short drive away from Fort Walton Beach.

From the pristine white sand beaches to the bustling Navarre Beach Pier and the vibrant Navarre Beach Marine Park, it’s the perfect place for your next beach vacation. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adrenaline junkie, or simply yearning for a relaxing retreat, Navarre Beach is a great place that will leave you with memories to cherish.

Swimming and Sunbathing

Kicking off your day with a refreshing dip in the clear waters of Navarre Beach is a fantastic idea. The easy access to swimming areas via boardwalks makes it a breeze to cool off and enjoy the beautiful marine life.

After your swim, lie back and soak up the Florida sun on the white sandy beaches. Let the sound of the waves lull you into a peaceful nap or indulge in a good book, all while enjoying the refreshing gulf breeze.

Come feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your skin, and leave your worries behind as you embrace the natural beauty around you.

Water Sports

Navarre Beach promises an adrenaline rush for thrill-seekers! From jet skiing across the water’s surface to paddling a canoe in the designated Florida canoe trail of the Blackwater River, there’s something for every adventure enthusiast. All necessary safety measures are taken care of, with life jackets provided by Navarre Family Watersports Water Park.

So whether you’re an experienced water sports lover or a novice wanting to try something new, Navarre Beach has the perfect water sports adventure waiting for you.

Family-Friendly Adventures

Navarre offers unmatched family-friendly entertainment. Whether you’re looking to engage the little ones with interactive exhibits at the Emerald Coast Science Center, have a blast at Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone with its plethora of attractions, or get soaked at the Navarre Park Splash Pad, there’s never a dull moment.

But Navarre isn’t just about the thrills; there’s also the chance to enjoy the calm Nature Walk and the fascinating Souvenir City & Shark Museum – both free attractions. So pack up the kids, and let Navarre provide the fun!

Blackwater River State Park

For outdoor-loving families, Blackwater River State Park serves as an ideal playground. Immerse yourself in nature with:

  • hiking, walking, and running along trails like the Chain of Lakes Nature Trail and the Juniper Creek trail
  • birding and wildlife viewing opportunities along the Great Florida Birding Trail
  • geo-seeking activities with multiple geocaches to be found

And let’s not forget the accessible swimming areas with white sandy beaches along the Blackwater River. Top off the day with a picnic, taking advantage of the shaded tables and grills while soaking in the scenic views.

Panhandle Butterfly House

Discover the world of butterflies at the Panhandle Butterfly House, a unique educational center that offers:

  • Introduction to local butterfly species
  • Information on the crucial role of environments that support butterflies
  • Walk through the immersive Vivarium to get up close and personal with butterflies
  • Participate in educational programs, workshops, and special events focusing on butterfly conservation and gardening techniques.

After undergoing a recent upgrade, the Panhandle Butterfly House is set to reopen in Spring 2023, ready to dazzle its visitors with its new wooden deck, expanded remembrance brick courtyard, and vivarium.

Marine Life Encounters

Navarre provides mesmerizing marine life encounters for those fascinated by the ocean’s mysteries. At Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, you can get up close and personal with marine life, learn about marine conservation through interactive exhibits, and even swim with dolphins.

Meanwhile, the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary invites you to snorkel among artificial reefs, giving you a unique opportunity to engage with the local marine ecosystems.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

At Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the captivating world of marine life. Just a short drive from the Gulf Breeze Zoo, this park offers unforgettable encounters with:

  • dolphins
  • sea lions
  • stingrays
  • alligators

From educational programs to interactive experiences with local wildlife, there’s something for everyone.

Between the live marine shows and educational talks, you’ll walk away with a newfound appreciation for the creatures of the deep.

Navarre Beach Marine Science Station

Just a stone’s throw away from the Gulfarium lies the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station, a part of the Navarre Beach Marine Park. This educational hub offers hands-on learning experiences that enhance your understanding of marine life and local ecosystems. The station also prioritizes accessibility, even providing a beach wheelchair to ensure all visitors can enjoy the educational facilities and beach areas.

With its dedicated Sea Turtle Conservation Center, home to the center’s resident sea turtle and a sanctuary for other sea turtles, and plans for further educational spaces, it’s a must-visit for all marine enthusiasts.

Outdoor Experiences

For adventure enthusiasts, Navarre’s diverse landscape provides a multitude of outdoor experiences. From snorkeling and scuba diving in the azure waters to hiking the nature trails of Blackwater River State Forest, there’s an adventure waiting for you at every corner.

And for the little ones, the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station, located near the beautiful Santa Rosa Sound, offers educational summer camps focused on marine biology and coastal conservation.

Hiking and Biking Trails

Navarre’s scenic trails are a hiker’s and biker’s paradise. With a total of 4 trails to choose from, there’s a path for every skill level. Whether it’s the 8.7 km Florida Trail: Hwy 87 to Dean Campsite that winds through old hardwood and pine forests, or the Florida Trail: East Bay River that spans 17.2 km, starting at East Bay river boat ramp and passing through a pine forest, each trail offers a unique journey through Navarre’s beautiful landscape.

Fishing Excursions

Looking to reel in the big one? Navarre’s fishing excursions won’t disappoint. The Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, Florida’s longest, is a prime spot for catching species like Redfish and Mackerel. For the more adventurous, there are offshore fishing trips that head 30+ miles from the coast to seek out Billfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo in depths ranging from 60 to 300 feet.

And for freshwater fishing enthusiasts, the Blackwater River and its oxbow lakes await, promising a good catch of largemouth bass, panfish, and catfish – just make sure to have your fishing license ready.

Culinary Delights

Following a day brimming with adventures, your taste buds deserve a treat. Navarre offers a diverse dining scene, from laid-back cafes to sophisticated coastal dining. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast burrito at Shark Bite Navarre, or a fresh catch of the day, Navarre’s culinary delights will satisfy even the most discerning foodie.

Seafood Restaurants

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Navarre is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in Florida. Take Scooter’s Fish House, for instance. Known for its ‘gulf to table’ dining experience, Scooter’s serves freshly caught local seafood like Mahi-Mahi, Snapper, and Flounder. From fried favorites to healthier grilled options, Scooter’s Fish House is a seafood paradise that you won’t want to miss.

Beachside Cafes

Looking for a laid-back dining spot where you can enjoy a meal with a view? Navarre’s beachside cafes are the answer. At TC’s Front Porch, you can enjoy a casual outdoor dining experience with live music and scenic views right at the entrance to Navarre Beach.

Sailors’ Grill Restaurant & Bakery, located right at the foot of the Navarre Beach Bridge, offers a versatile menu that includes grille fare and bakery items. So sit back, relax, and watch the sunset over the ocean as you enjoy a delicious meal.

Shopping and Souvenirs

Local boutique with beach-themed clothing and accessories in Navarre

Desire a souvenir from Navarre? The town’s shopping scene is sure to impress. Navarre offers a variety of items, from clothing and home decor to beach gear and toys, catering to all family members. Plus, you’ll find a wide range of souvenirs, including shells, beach-themed decor, and original art and jewelry by local artists — perfect for mementos of your unforgettable beach vacation.

Local Boutiques

Navarre’s local boutiques offer a personalized shopping experience that you won’t find in larger retail chains. From trendy clothing and accessories to unique home decor, the boutiques in Navarre are treasure troves waiting to be discovered.

So take a break from the beach, stroll through the quaint streets of Navarre, and find something unique to remember your trip by.

Art Galleries

If you appreciate art, Navarre’s art galleries are a must-visit. Featuring an array of items by local artists, these galleries offer:

  • beach-themed framed signs
  • pictures
  • wall art
  • shells
  • stickers
  • other decorative pieces suitable for a beach house or themed room.

It’s the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of Navarre’s coastal charm into your own home.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Navarre’s nightlife springs to life as dusk falls and the stars twinkle. Whether you want to dance the night away to live music at Johnny Huston’s Grill & Bar, or enjoy a quiet drink at a beachside bar, there’s something for everyone when the sun goes down in Navarre.

Live Music Venues

If live music is your jam, you’re in for a treat in Navarre. Ye Olde Brothers Brewery, a family-friendly venue with an inviting outdoor seating area, regularly hosts live music events that radiate a vibrant local entertainment vibe. Just 10 minutes inland from Navarre Beach, it’s easily accessible for those staying in or near Navarre.

Beachside Bars

For a more laid-back nightlife experience, Navarre’s beachside bars are the perfect spot to unwind. At Beach House Bar and Grill, you can sip on handcrafted cocktails and savor fresh seafood, all while enjoying stunning waterfront views.

Or, if you prefer a cozy indoor setting, Vine Wine Bar offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy a selection of wines and beers.

Pet-Friendly Activities

Journeying with your pet in Santa Rosa County? Navarre rolls out the red carpet, boasting a variety of pet-friendly activities. From parks to trails, to restaurants that welcome pets, there are plenty of options for fun with your four-legged companion.

In fact, Firehouse Subs even provides outdoor tables where you can enjoy your meal alongside your canine companion.

Dog Parks

Your furry friend deserves a vacation too! Navarre’s dog parks are perfect for letting dogs run and play off-leash. The parks provide:

  • Safe and secure environments for dogs of all sizes to interact and get exercise
  • Benches for you to relax on
  • Water stations for hydration
  • Waste disposal systems for convenience

These parks ensure a fun and enjoyable experience for both pets and owners.

Pet-Friendly Dining

Who says dining out is just for humans? In Navarre, pets are more than welcome at several dining establishments. Outdoor seating areas allow pets to join their owners for meals, and some restaurants even provide special amenities for pets.

For example, Restaurant A not only welcomes pets but also provides a special menu for dogs. So, whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or settling in for a leisurely meal, your furry friend can be right by your side.

Accessible Attractions

Navarre champions inclusivity, making certain its natural splendors and beach experiences are accessible to everyone. The Navarre Beach Marine Park and public access No. 10 on Gulf Boulevard have been recognized as ADA-friendly spots, providing easy access to the beach for individuals with disabilities. And for those who need a little extra assistance, beach wheelchairs are available at certain locations.

ADA-Accessible Beaches

Navarre’s commitment to accessibility is evident in its ADA-accessible beach amenities. Whether it’s the Navarre Beach Marine Park or public access No. 10 on Gulf Boulevard, you’ll find easy access points to the beach.

This means everyone can enjoy the sunshine, the sand, and the surf, making Navarre a truly inclusive destination.

Wheelchair-Friendly Attractions

Navigating a beach vacation in a wheelchair can be challenging, but not in Navarre. Here, you’ll find beach wheelchairs specially designed for sand, available for rent. A government-issued ID and a signed lease agreement are all you need to rent one.

A refundable security deposit is required, ensuring that the wheelchair is returned in good condition.


Post all the adventure, relaxation, and exploration, a cozy spot to rest and rejuvenate becomes essential. Thankfully, Navarre offers a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious resort or a cozy vacation rental, you’ll find the perfect place to call home during your stay.

Hotels and Resorts

From beachfront resorts to family-friendly hotels, Navarre has a range of accommodations that cater to every kind of traveler. Many hotels and resorts are situated with beachfront views, offering guests easy access to the spectacular white sand beaches and emerald-green waters. Not to mention, these properties come with multiple amenities including swimming pools, on-site dining options, and recreational facilities.

So whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family on vacation, you’ll find the perfect place to stay.

Vacation Rentals

For those who prefer a home away from home, Navarre offers a wide range of vacation rentals. From condos and beach houses to luxury properties, there’s a rental for every taste and budget. These properties come with unique amenities like private balconies, community pools, and gourmet kitchens, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay that feels just like home.


In the end, Navarre, Florida is more than just a beach vacation destination. It’s a place where you can experience thrilling water sports, indulge in delectable culinary delights, explore local boutiques and art galleries, groove to live music, and much more. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, Navarre offers something for everyone. So pack your bags, put on your sun hat, and get ready to make unforgettable memories in this Florida paradise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Destin or Navarre better?

Destin is better than Navarre due to its wider array of attractions, including restaurants, bars, festivals, concerts, fishing excursions, and more.

Is Navarre Beach worth visiting?

Yes, Navarre Beach is worth visiting if you’re looking for a tranquil and beautiful beach with white sand and emerald-green water, perfect for quiet relaxation. If you’re seeking lots of activities outside of the water and beach, it may not be the ideal destination for you. So, if you’re eager for a peaceful beach experience, it’s definitely worth a visit.

What is the best month to go to Navarre Beach?

The best time to visit Navarre Beach is from early April to late May and from late September to early November when there are rainless days and average temperatures of 65-80°F.

What does Navarre Beach have to offer?

Navarre Beach, Florida offers a range of family-friendly attractions, including Blue Angel’s practice and autograph sessions, Naval and Air Force Museums, and outdoor activities like zip-lining and canoeing at Blackwater River State Park – it’s a great destination for a variety of interests.

What are some of the popular attractions in Navarre, Florida?

Some popular attractions in Navarre, Florida include Navarre Beach, Blackwater River State Park, and the Panhandle Butterfly House. Enjoy exploring!